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How can I customize my theme?

No matter what your skill level, do-it-yourselfer, Contao geek or agency, you have total control over your theme:

  1. Option: Using the Theme Assistant you can make the most important customizations, like changing the colors, adding your logo and many more, without touching the code. After you're done you can uninstall the Theme Assistant seamlessly – what's left is standard compliant CSS3. No. Clutter. At. All.

  2. Option: Edit the CSS file directly with your favorite editor just as you're used to. Everything is neatly structured to let you feel at home.

  3. Option: Web design experts love Sass and Compass, with your RockSolid Theme you can use these new tools right away. Variables, Mixins and many more features make customizing your theme even easier and faster.

  4. Option: Add custom CSS through Contao's internal CSS editor.

What benefits do RockSolid Themes offer?

By working closely with the contao core team we've developed a deep understanding of how Contao works. This technical expertise, along with years of experience in working with clients, allows us to create great tools and extensions to make your work with Contao easier than ever before.

Using our themes means staying flexible at any time, because all plugins and tools are optional and can be un-installed seamlessly. If you are a power user, we let you use your power by letting you leave everything away you don't need. If you look for fast and easy results, we provide the tools to empower you to take control over your website. Either way, RockSolid Themes are a powerful launch pad for professional websites.

RockSolid Themes are built to be part of a professional workflow. Our themes are clean, lean and fast. Just try it yourself.

More benefits over other providers of premium Contao themes are:

  • 100% satisfaction or your money back
  • Your personal customer area, where you can download updates, see invoices and get discounted follow-up licenses anytime
  • Top rated, friendly and fast customer support
  • Higher performance and speed than competitors
  • Beautiful, professional designs that are the result of a sophisticated workflow
  • No bloat because of predefined color sets – our color variations are part of the Theme Assistant you can use them easily, but they don't add clutter to your site if you don't
  • Great value and a high level of innovation

Satisfied Contao experts and users throughout Europe come back to us time and again for good reasons. Over 90% of our customers recommend RockSolid Themes.

I've already paid via bank transfer, but still didn't get the download link?

Your download is sent to you immediately after the payment has been successfully processed. Due to technical reasons we can't provide you with the download link in advance – not even if you send us a bank transfer confirmation. For purchases with immediate download transfer we currently offer PayPal and credit card payment.

It may lead to delays if your bank transfer can't be processed automatically because of incorrect or missing data (e.g. forgotten to fill the customer data field). If you should notice, that there is an error in the data please contact us in a private ticket, we're happy to help.

Is it possible to change element X on theme X?

The surprisingly direct answer: Yes, almost certainly. But you want to know: How easy is it? How long will it take? Do I even need help changing it?

Especially basic changes, like adding your logo, changing the colors, fonts and the page width, inserting backgrounds etc. can be easily done in minutes, without even touching the code, using the Theme Assistant. This is one of the great advantages of RockSolid Themes.

Using our RockSolid Custom Elements you can also edit contents that are a combination of different elements easily without the need to know HTML (like feature boxes, team pages). Have a look at our short introduction video. Everything else is generally implemented using default Contao functionality (like head images, sidebars, etc.).

Changes to single elements will probably make it necessary to edit the CSS or add your changes using the Contao's internal editor. Examples for such changes would be: changing the distance between content and footer, adding elements that aren't intended by default (e.g. coming from an extension), changing the general order of the layout etc.

How easy you will find it to customize your theme will also depend on your individual skill level. If you want to make extensive changes – without investing much time – you might want to have a look at our customization service. Our partner network is a collection of Contao professionals who already gained some expierience using RockSolid Themes and are happy to help you with everything from a small customization to extensive modification at fair prices.

How does the backend look like? Is there a backend demo?

The Contao backend as you know it isn't affected by RockSolid Themes. The back end look just like a default Contao installation. You can find screenshots of selected elements on the theme detail pages.

But one of the major benefits of RockSolid Themes is that we provide you with optional, free extensions to boost your workflow. Have a look at our plugins. You can use them, but you don't have too – everything can be un-installed seamlessly without loosing data.

Sales and payment

Which payment methods do you offer?

You can currently use bank transfer, PayPal and credit card. VAT-free purchasing is also possible for European businesses. More on that.

Do I get a proper invoice after purchasing a theme?

Yes, directly after purchasing a theme you'll receive a order email containing a proper, printable invoice for your books. Please note that if you use PayPal the business name you've entered there will be used (if you need too, you can change that first or ask us to change it afterwards). If you use bank transfer or credit card payment you can choose the business name freely.

If you've lost the link to your invoice you can download it at any time through your personal customer area. Just log in using the email address you've used to purchase.

PDF Invoice: Please use a PDF printer of your choice to convert the invoice into a PDF if you need to save it.

Is it possible to purchase without VAT for European business owners?

Yes, you can enter your valid VAT registration number during the payment process. The VAT will be removed automatically following the reverse charge principle.

Are there discounts for resellers/agencies?

Yes, resellers, agencies, freelancer and other loyal customers, who use RockSolid Themes for more than one project get 40% on follow-up licenses.

To buy a discounted follow-up license please log in to your personal customer area and click the "buy follow-up license" button next to a theme you've already purchased. This way you can also add more than one license to your cart.

How can I buy a follow-up license?

Please log in to your personal customers area with the email address you used to purchase your theme. Click on the "buy follow-up license" button next to the theme you want to use for another project. You can also add multiple licenses to the cart this way.

Is a follow-up license a fully valid license?

Yes, if you've already purchased a theme, but want to use it for another client project you save 40% of the price.

Why can I enter my billing data again if I purchase a follow-up license? Can I order directly for a client?

By entering the billing data again you can choose to buy a theme directly for one of your clients and yet have it associated with your account. Also, if there are changes to your billing address you can easily apply them.


What's included in a theme download package?

The basis of the download package is the Contao theme to use with existing websites (without the demo content).

You'll also get the Contao template containing all the data you've senn in the online demo (only the stock photos aren't included). All the typical Contao connections between modules, content etc. are done for you in the template version.

On top you'll get the Photoshop mockup and a great value icon font containing more than 300 icons.

Oh, and not to forget you'll enjoy our great customers service and the perfectly tailored free plugins to use with your theme. A whole lot of value for the price of a jeans.

Please have a look at the exact package contents on the detail page of the particular product – there might be single differences.

What is a Contao theme and how is it different from a template?

Contao is a open source CMS with many features to run your website. Our themes are built on top of Contao and change the look of the website. Have a look at the online demos.

The combination of Contao and RockSolid Themes allows you to start a professional, independent website within minutes.

The difference between a theme and a template is that the template contains all the demo data you can see in the online demo. The demo data allows you to get started even faster, because you can start by just replacing the demo content with your own. Everything else is already set up.

Do I need technical skills to build my website?

That depends on how far you want to take the customization. The more your idea of the result differs from the theme, the more energy is needed to meet your expectation. If you are happy with the overall look of your theme you need virtually no technical skills. All you need to do is to add your content using Contao.

Generally speaking: A basic understanding of HTML, CSS and Contao will go a long, long way regarding the customization. But even without those skills you can make important changes like adding your colors and logo, changing backgrounds and fonts within minutes, without even touching the code using our RockSolid Theme Assistant. You don't even need to edit images, since most colors and graphics you see can be customized using only CSS or the Theme Assistant.

As far as the installation is concerned you can follow our easy to understand installation tutorials. And if you want to consult a professional for extensive modifications to your theme take a look at our customization service, where we've listed handpicked experts in the field.

Which Contao modules are available?

The theme alone has no effect on how Contao works. All Contao core modules (News, Calendar, FAQ, etc.) are fully functional and available. The Themes provide styling for all core modules, so you can start using them out of the box.

On top of our lightweight themes we've created a handy selection of extensions, that make your life even easier (if you choose to use them). Have a look at our custom-designed plugins.

What do I see in the theme demo? Is the demo content included?

Yes, the theme demo shows you exactly what you get after installing your theme as a website template (template = theme + demo data). By installing the template you have a working website running withing minutes and can start adding content right away. Something that would otherwise cost you a whole lot of money.

The only exception are the stock photos which can't be included due to license restrictions. You can find the links to the photos on the theme detail page if you want to use them.

What is Sass? Do I need to use it?

No, it's completely up to you. You can edit your theme the way you want. If you choose to add styles using the internal editor, that's fine. If you want to use plain CSS and edit it directly with your favorite edit, just get going. If you choose to use the Theme Assistant to avoid code... well you get the idea.

Sass is an awesome toolkit and many experts choose to use it, because it's without doubt, the most advanced CSS preprocessor out there. It really adds spice to your workflow and makes you work smarter, no harder. Your theme comes with everything you need to start. So try it – if you want.

Customize and extend

Where can I find element X to make changes?

The RockSolid Frontend Helper makes it easy for you to find and edit elements with a single click.

Can I use extension X with RockSolid Themes?

RockSolid Themes don't make modifications to the Contao core nor do they change how Contao generally works. This means, that the compatibility with extensions is not affected. You can run every Contao extension you want.

That however doesn't mean that the themes are prepared for every extension... but the installation works just as easy as it would with the default theme "Music Acedemy".

Here is a list of Contao extensions we've explicitly tested.

Is it possible to use my own extensions instead?

Yes, that's one of the major benefits of RockSolid Themes. You can choose the right tools for your project. Be it the customization or the extensions. We've developed a set of perfectly tailored extensions like the RockSolid Responsive Slider, Custom Content Elements and so on, but you don't have to use them. Everything can be un-installed seamlessly to make room for your own custom extension or another plugin.

How can I use a different font?

Yes, it's especially easy to use a Google® Font. You can either change the font using the RockSolid Theme Assistant and change the font under Layout › Themes › [THEME NAME] › Page layouts or you can edit the template and CSS directly to load a different font.

If you change the template directly you can use any local font or use one of the many web font embedding services like typekit, webtype and fontdeck.

Can I create a multi-language website?

Yes, every RockSolid Theme can be used to create a multi-language website. All you need to do is to change a few text parts against insert tags ({{label::*}}) to translate them.

Does the Theme Assistant work without a RockSolid Theme?

Unfortunately not, the RockSolid Theme Assistant is an exclusive extension to make the lifes of our customers easier.

Technology, updates and handling

Which versions of Contao are supported?

All themes and extensions are available for Contao 4.X and 5.X. You can download the appropriate version of the theme through your personal customer area.

Will there be updates for new versions of Contao? How do I get them?

Yes, shortly after the stable release of a new Contao version we release the updated theme version. You can get the updated version of your theme at any time by logging into your personal customer area, without the need to wait for update emails.

After installing the theme the feature/behavior X of Contao has changed?

To install your theme or template you've probably used a newer version of Contao than so far. There is a good chance that the update of Contao is the reason behind the changed behavior or feature.

Is it possible to install a theme without importing the demo data?

Yes, you can install your theme without the demo content. Please follow the usual installation instructions and skip the step that describes the import of the demo data.

The big advantage of installing the demo data however is, that you all the for Contao typical connections between modules etc. are already made. Also you can easily see where content can go and where certain elements are located.

Can I use a CSS framework?

You can absolutely include a CSS framework of your choice like Blueprint, YAML, 960, Gumby etc.

But first you should think about how you expect the CSS framework to make your work easier. In 95% of all cases a CSS framework will mainly remove the desirable separation of markup and styles. This means: To influence the look of an element, you need to edit the HTML code, e.g. by adding the class "grid_10". This is something that's maybe interesting for prototyping or for extremely large sites with different frontend team working together, but most certainly not for the 95% of normal websites in production.

Your RockSolid Theme however already provides you with a handy Sass starting kit and offers many of the reliefs you probably seek in a CSS framework.

More information on how Sass is better than a markup based framework can be found in this interesting posts: Do you use a CSS framework (Englisch), Disadvantages of CSS Frameworks: A Sass-y Response.

General questions

I can't decide which theme to choose. What should I take into account?

No worries, you know the requirement of your project better than anyone else. Think about what kind of content you will be presenting (images, text, videos) und which theme intuitively feels most suitable for it. It's also interesting how long your texts will be and if you have beautiful large images or find it rather hard to scrape up some pictures. Does the theme e.g. work well with large images (like Vision) or can you even leave images away completely (like Swissy).

The next thing you should consider is which theme support your online appearance best (= your brand). This is also true for clubs or private websites. But don't think too much about the colors or fonts, since you can edit them easily using the RockSolid Theme Assistant. The overall impression and the gut feeling you have while looking at the theme should guide you mostly.

The good news is, by going with a RockSolid Theme you've already made some great choices: Professional designs, easy customization, high speed and search engine performance, good readability... so not a lot can go wrong.

How many websites using a theme are out there? What if one of my clients/customers recognizes that I'm using a theme?

Practically speaking the only chance (well, you get the point) that someone recognizes your theme is within the Contao community (forum, Github, etc.). In the vastness of the internet nobody else will see your theme the way you see it. So you can save a lot of money by using a theme and can keep it your little secret.

Don't believe us? Make the "The Mom Test" create two websites with one theme using content your mom (or another "normal" user) is interested in. Change the colors, change the logo, make a few tweaks (you can do that with the Theme Assisant in minutes) and show the two pages right after another to your test person. Was the test person only interested in the images, text and the funny Youtube video featuring a cat? No? Than your mother is probably a web designer herself. Joking aside: The average user is interested in good usability, high readability and getting the content he wants – RockSolid Themes are built to meet these needs.

However, this doesn't mean that shouldn't tell your client that you are using a theme as a basis for his website.

When will you add new themes?

We constantly develop new designs and themes. But quality is more important to us than quantity. You won't find repetitions of the very same in our store.

Our standardized and sophisticated workflow guarantees that only high end themes leave our hands.

Is it possible to gather client feedback before buying a theme?

Yes, as a partner of our agency program you get free access to all Photoshop mock-ups upfront. That way you can easily create visualizations and mock-ups and show them to your client to gather valuable feedback.

Joining our agency program is easy:

  1. Create a free account
  2. Log into your customer area
  3. Request an agency account

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