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Customize your theme fast and easy without touching code or editing images and graphics. The Theme Assistant lets you control the look of your website easily.

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Easy theme customization for everyone – without bloat and performance issues

Unlike other options panels the Theme Assistant only generates clean, standard compliant CSS3


Install with one click and get going instantly. Exclusive for RockSolid Themes customers.


Choose your own colors or select one of the ready-made color sets, insert your logo and make the theme your own.

If you want: Uninstall

You can work with the generated CSS3 if you want to. The Theme Assistant can be un-installed without a trace.

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Change the colors of text, links, headlines, backgrounds and many other elements easily with just one click using the Theme Assistant. For the first time you can even change the colors of buttons, complex shadows and gradients effortlessly.

What customers say about the Theme Assistant

We use Contao for a couple of years and especially along with the templates made by RockSolid Themes. The themes are created with a feature set that leaves nothing to be desired. Keep up the good work, we are looking forward to the next themes. We wish the team all the best for their perfect work.

Wozak Mediendesign KG

The Swissy Theme looks great and the code quality is superior, it can easily be adapted to personal needs. Support requests were answered lighting fast and competently. All in all I find the themes offer outstanding value for money.


I'm absolutely amazed by the possibilities RockSolid Themes offer. You can customize them in a few minutes using the RockSolid Theme Assistant and their great Slider. Many handy modules and easy usage – even for beginners.

Kortmann Consulting

If I could rate RockSolid Themes and their support with 10 stars I'd do it. Awesome themes and plugins built for real customer needs. Keep up the good work!

BSC Sportfreunde

The templates created by RockSolid Themes are awesome: Clean design, clear structure, extremely high flexibility and tight integration into Contao. That makes customization super simple without mental acrobatics and trickery. I can only recommend everyone to have a look at the free template "Open Sauce" an to install it.


We use "Tao" for our site und are delighted by the clean, very professional design and the many customization possibilities. Using the RockSolid Theme Assistant we've been able to adapt the theme to our corporate design easily.

Beloch & Franzbach GmbH

How nice is that? Using the Theme Assistant it's now even more fun to customize websites!

Easy handling and an outstanding customer support. Thanks!

acento Design GmbH

Theme Assistant - FAQ

How does the Theme Assistant work?

The Theme Assistant lets you control the design of your website without code and generates standard compliant CSS3. Even complex shadows, buttons and gradients can be changed and are kept in harmony. Without database requests and bloat or performance loss and free from dependencies.

Who can benefit?

Do-it-yourselfer as well as professionals! Change the colors, logo und make common customization effortlessly. The resulting CSS is flawless – you can use it right away or make changes to it, if you want to.

What can I customize?

Amongst other things: Colors (links, buttons, boxes), backgrounds (colors, images), Logo, Fonts, the width of the page and images, social media icons...

Expert: Does the Theme Assistant lead to bloated CSS like other themes that offer settings?

No, your settings are translated into clean CSS and are directly saved into the stylesheet – no additional requests. The generated output looks like the code you would have written yourself. Not a single line of overhead.

You can edit the resulting code easily, if you want to make changes to single elements. Uninstall the Theme Assistant without a trace at any time. This way you can make common changes in minutes and individualize every single detail afterwards.

Important: The color sets don't add overhead either. Unlike the solutions of other premium theme vendors the Theme Assistant stores the color variant separately and only inserts them into the stylesheet if you choose to. Take a look at the theme detail page to see which color sets come with your favorite theme.

Expert: Does the Theme Assistant slow down my page like the common options panels?

No, the resulting styles are, just like handwritten CSS, written directly into the stylesheet and thus completely cached, minified and gzipped.

All Frequently Asked Questions