Not just different – better

See the benefits and discover what makes RockSolid Themes stand out

Responsive Design – your content on every device

Reach your audience easily and directly wherever they are, without the extra editorial effort of a mobile version or native app. Your RockSolid Themes takes you to your customers desks, sofas and pocket – whatever device they might use. Start building a competitive advantage on mobile devices.

RockSolid HTML5 and CSS3 technology

A flexible high-tech package for your projects. The solid launch pad helps you to build websites faster, more reliable and efficient. Accessible, perfectly readable for search engines and customizable without image editing. Get expert kow-how and best practices distilled into a kick start platform for your site.

Themes & plugins perfectly integrated to provide the right tool for every work step

Want to customize your site without a writing a single line of code? The Theme Assistant helps you to do just that. And generates only flawless CSS3, that you could go on working with if you wanted to.

Take the guesswork out of your editing process with the Frontend Helper. Find and edit elements with a single click.

Get order into the WYSIWYG chaos using the Custom Elements to create individual content elements geared to your needs and add structure your content.

Breath some life into your website by combining your content to dynamic slides directly withing the contao backend using the RockSolid Slider.

RockSolid Themes are compatible with virtually all contao extensions out there. So you can utilize the hundreds of free tools to empower your project.

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New Interactive documentation – never search desperately for contents and modules again

The RockSolid Frontend Helper not only allows you to find content, modules and templates with the move of your mouse, you can also edit those elements directly and save them. Whether you want to change a headline, or a module – one click is enough. Stop wasting time reading bloated documentations and start working immediately.

In combination with the RockSolid Slider you can even edit single slides directly. You can turn all functionalities individually on and off for specific users. Your editors and clients will love it.

Personal support straight from the creators

Your RockSolid Themes isn't only packed with valuable know how, it's also backed by it – get direct support from the people that know every theme inside out. In addition to the step-by-step documentation, video tutorials and online workshops you are in direct contact with the developers and designers. Our friendly support team helps you to get the most out of your theme.

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Pro Boost your productivity with Sass & Compass

Unleash to of the tools that enable professional web designs to work faster, more productive and convenient – if you want to. Create standard compliant, clean and re-usable code with ease. Sass translates nested selectors, variables, mixins (little helpers for common tasks) and automatically applied vendor prefixes into CSS3. Achieve more output, with less input.

All themes deliver a ready-to-go starter kit – no matter if you already use Sass or want to try it. See it yourself and take a look into the documentation.

Short loading times, fast rendering

Only a fast website is a good website. Performance is crucial to the success of your project. That why every single RockSolid Themes is optimized for speed with the utmost care. Whether you are starting private, company or club website. Both search engines and users love websites that load and react fast.

Clean cut code optimized down to the last HTTP request, if whenever possible with CSS3 instead of JavaScript. RockSolid Themes put your website on the fast track. Don't gamble with the success of your site. See it for yourself...

Free updates easily accessible whenever you need them in your customer center

Grab the latest version of your theme whenever you need it. No more waiting or searching for update emails in your inbox, no expired download links. All your invoices, themes and updates instantly available to you. Create a free account or login.

Exclusiv Use Precision tools instead of a sledgehammer

Nobody knows the requirements of your project better than you. That's why RockSolid Themes give you the unique flexibility to decide exactly which tools you want to use. Don't waste time to clean up bloated themes. Our custom-designed plugins can be separately un-installed instantly, if you don't need a certain feature or want to use your own solution.

Update Retina-Ready and crystal clear

The included open source icon font contains more than 300 icons to let you choose the perfect symbols for your content. Add fully scalable, crisp and meaningful icons to links, navigations and contents. Cristal clear on every screen, accessible implemented and you can change the colors with a single click.

New feature: Using the RockSolid Iconpicker you can switch icons with the touch of a button directly from your contao backend.

Better typography

Optimized for maximum readability, contrast and rhythm. Show your content from its most beautiful side. Your visitors will love it and your brand will profit incredibly.

SEO performance

Lean, fast and semantic. We do everything in our power to boost your SEO success. Unleash the full potential of your painstakingly created contents.

Fair license model

Our Premium Contao Themes are all yours after the purchase. No copyright notice or backlink required. More about the license agreement.

Present upfront

Present your design proposal completely risk-free before you buy. All partners of our agency program get free access to the PSD's upfront.