Thought through from R to S – see how we work

See what makes your RockSolid Theme truly RockSolid. From the conception phase, to the final product, every templates goes through a standardized process.

Search, discover and prepare

Everything starts with the research for new ideas and the evaluation of current trends. What do current projects need, what interests and moves our customers? Our answers on these (an more) questions are distilled into a theme concept. The collection of ideas specifies which tasks and use cases the theme should fulfil best, where the design focus will lie and if there will be special technical requirements.

You probably won't notice all of the decisions make in this step, but you will feel them in the end.

Good Design Is Unobtrusive.

Drafts and wire frames

We draw raw sketches to form the basic structure of the pages. The main purpose of this step is to decide where content will go, how much text will work and where images can ideally be placed.

The drafts make the concept touchable and often lead to new valuable ideas. Additionally we determine how the content could seamlessly flow down into the mobile version to make the design responsive. The particular challenge is to base all these decisions on your needs, without the possibility to evaluate the situation individually.

This process ensures that every design works for you, your users and clients. Rather than to blindly follow trends we carefully consider current style directions and bring them together with tried and tested, centuries-old typographic standards.

Good Design Makes A Site Usable.

Design and look & feel

An aesthetically pleasing design gives your users a comfortable feeling while surfing your site and increases their trust immensely. By creating an engaging look & feel we can make a key contribution to the overall success of your site. That's why we take this step extremely serious. We feel that designing a theme isn't only about designing a website. Your site is your gateway to talk to your audience and for many people the first impression of your project. For us, designing a theme means to design human communication.

Using both Photoshop, Post-Photoshop-Tools and the browser we develop every atom of the look & feel of your theme by hand.

We take design seriously for you. This is easy to see if you take a moment and deliberately look for all the small details in your favorite theme.

Good Design Is Aesthetic.

Made using HTML5 and CSS3

Performance, responsiveness and easy customizability are the result of a lean technical basis. The possibilities of HTML5 and CSS3 make use of large, hard to edit graphics and JavaScript often obsolete and allow a smoother and more comfortable user experience for you and your visitors.

We work with the latest cutting-edge technologies and tools to deliver the most sophisticated quality in the industry. You can build on our experience.

Our Contao Temapltes handle all aspects of optimization for performance and reliance for you. Every theme comes with Carefully considered responsive breakpoints, well-prepared for high-density retina displays and a handy toolkit to make your life easier. All this and more combined in a finely balanced package.

Good Design Is Innovative.

Usability tests and optimization

Before launching a product we use real content and a long-form news article to test the usability and readability of each theme. Our participants are given task like locating the telephone number; finding, filling and sending the contact form and searching for specific contents. Our on-the-spot user tests allow us to identify many possible weak points and fix them right away.

Our themes make sure, that your visitors enjoy a pleasant reading experience and enhance the accessibility of your valuable contents.

Good Design Makes Your Site Understandable.

Rigorous quality control

Modern browsers are constantly changing. Before a theme rolls out we test it thoroughly in all major browsers and on the most common mobile devices. In addition we go over the source code one more time and refine it down to the last line. Finally we check the performance on mobile devices under real-world conditions.

The solid basis of your theme saves you a huge amount of money for extensive testing and time-consuming cross browser optimization. Take as at our name – RockSolid through and through.

Good Design Is Thorough Down to the Last Detail.

Ready to power your project

The result of this six-step process is a theme, that meets the highest demands for quality, design and customizability. Now customers with a small budgets can afford big-time web design.

Complex and time-consuming steps like thought out responsive design, performance optimization and browser testing are handled for you. Whether you are an agency or want to launch a private project: Focus on your core competencies and your content and let us take care of the rest.

Every theme is 100% backed by its creators

Even if there is a fast-reading documentation, the handy Frontend Helper (edit elements with one click) and free, valuable video trainings we're here to help if you have questions. Our friendly support team offers qualified and fast one-stop assistance for all your theme related questions.

Your theme doesn't only contain a whole lot of know-how, you have direct access to the helpful people that put their heart and soul into making it.