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  • Responsive Contao Theme
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Live Demo
Have a look at the demo without the hassle of typing the URL on your mobile device. https://d.rst.io/en/contao-eightytwenty
Eighty/Twenty Desktop
Eighty/Twenty Phone

The stock photos used in the demo aren't included.

Theme Assistant Color Sets

Theme Assistant Color Sets + unlimited own variations

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Allround Theme, Responsive Theme, Clean Theme, Premium Theme

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Unique Features of Eighty/Twenty

One theme, infinite possibilities

Whether you use 80/20 as a launch pad for a completely individual design, just change its colors or even use it out of the box, you will be impressed by its versatility. The sidebar can be used left and right or not at all (full width). The optional tagline offers additional space for images and catchy headlines.

Clever details, even without JavaScript

The dropdown makes small as well as large sitemaps accessible easy and fast. Up to three navigation levels can be reached with a single click. The search field stays in the background until you need it – then it's right where you'd expect it. All that without a single line of JavaScript, easy to adapt and blazing fast.

Continuous presentation of newsworthy content

News and events are designed to fit together. The comment section is minimalistic and reduced to the essentials. Answers to posts are highlighted and bound to the particular comment. The envelope like newsletter subscription is another nifty detail your visitors will love.

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Basic Package

Theme with Copyright Notice

  • Backlink may not be removed
  • 2 Months Premium Support
  • Updates for all Future Versions
  • Unlimited use for your Own Sites Info: You may use the theme for unlimited sites that clearly indicate you as the publisher in the imprint.
  • Including Licenses for all Pro Extensions You save € 79,00
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

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Standard Package

Everything you need

  • No Copyright Notice
  • 6 Months Premium Support
  • Updates for all Future Versions
  • Unlimited use for your Own Sites Info: You may use the theme for unlimited sites that clearly indicate you as the publisher in the imprint.
  • Including Licenses for all Pro Extensions You save € 79,00
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

149 incl. VAT

No Follow-Up Costs!

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Customers talking about Eighty/Twenty

In my opinion currently the best themes available on the market. I gladly use them for projects, because they are easy to customize and work without complex frameworks. I only need to maintain one Sass file, to modify the layout to my needs or those of my clients.

Michael Pfeiffer IT-Consulting

I'm absolutely amazed by the possibilities RockSolid Themes offer. You can customize them in a few minutes using the RockSolid Theme Assistant and their great Slider. Many handy modules and easy usage – even for beginners.

Kortmann Consulting

Solidly created, flexible templates with a straightforward design. Well customizable. Overall a full recommendation, since working great, easy to configure, perfectly supported and one of the best themes, that I’ve used so far.

Kolberg Cafe

Perfect technology, great design, performance excellent, very fair license... We've already bought the third theme (after Vision, 80/20 now Swissy) and are very happy with each version. Solely by looking at how much time we've saved the price only plays a minor role. Highly recommended!


Swissy and 80/20 are great. Both in terms of layout and flexibility as well as customizability e.g. using the Theme Assistant. In addition I've been looking for a responsive design and fast loading times, which I got to my full satisfaction. Altogether the themes are a huge time saver and I'm happy to recommend them.

Bodo Saar

Awesome templates, built with excellence and comfortable to customize. We've bought all themes at least once and can only recommend them.


Beautiful, economically priced, professional, fast and innovative. I was seldom so satisfied as with this product... and I'm usually a rather picky customer.


The theme is a joy, nice work, a worthy investment.

MV Stadtkapelle Laupheim

The RockSolid Support assisted me with fast, comprehensive answers to set up Sass/SCSS on my computer. The Contao template 80/20 is the perfect start for my work with Sass/SCSS. Everything is well-documented and professionally executed. Thank you very much!


The RockSolid Theme 80/20 in connection with Contao allows me to build a wonderful, modern, fast and responsive website. I'm very impressed with the quality and the pleasant support so far. The responsive design and the beautiful icon fonts really convinced me.


RockSolid Themes are highly recommended. The template is very professionally executed. The connection between Sass/Compass is great and makes writing CSS a sheer joy. Especially the 80/20 theme offers so much possibilities to build different designs with it and you don't start from scratch every time. Great work!


The Contao Template is simply fantastic, visually as well as in terms of customization! Please, more of it!


We've already realized a couple of client projects with RockSolid Themes and are excited every time.


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Effortless Installation

You don't need to transfer files the hard way via FTP to install your RockSolid Theme. Just follow the installer.

Easier Plugin Updates

Receive new features and enhancements by the push of a button – no need to manually update files anymore.

Seamlessly Fit Together

Install your theme, add your content and get going – our themes and extensions work seamlessly together.

A Well-Oiled Machine

We develop all theme components individually and fit them together to form a fast and easy-to-use package.

Fast Customization

You can customize our themes without touching code, but you can also use CSS and even Sass if you want to.

Crystal Clear Designs

Easily customize your theme thanks to the clear and lighweight structure of our award-winning designs.

Higher Performance

We value short loading times and fast page rendering at least as much as we love beautiful design.

Fast & Lightweight

Additional color sets and extensions are only loaded if you need them, keeping your website fast and tidy.

Higher Read- & Usability

Our industry-leading designers are almost fanatically when it comes to clean typography and structure.

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