End the WYSIWYG chaos with custom content elements

Create your own, nestable content elements using a modular system and allow your editors and clients to maintain your site quickly, easily and error-free

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  • Available for: Contao 4.9 - 5.3
  • Dependencies: Works with every theme
  • Available elements: All in Contao available field types e.g. text, image, file, WYSIWYG field...

Open Source

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Open Source, released under the MIT License.

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Stop fighting the WYSIWYG editor and bring structure into your data using your own content elements

Does the following sound familiar? You want to create recurring content elements and allow your editors and clients to edit them easily or make changes errorfree and convenient yourself, but the WYSIWYG gives you a hard time? And your best chance was a block of HTML or a overpowered extension?

Using RockSolid Custom Elements you can create your own content elements using every available Contao field type. Structure your content and create content elements or even modules easily. All you need is the definition of your fields (input) and a template file (output).

NEW Create every data structure you can think of with nestable elements

A major distinctive feature of RockSolid Custom Elements is that you can nest your content as you see fit. Take a team page as an example that lists members with name, picture, email and link to their social media profiles.

You can add the links to the social media profiles easily as sub elements and edit, move and delete them inside the parent element (the team member). That way you can create nearly every content structure you can think of – start getting creative.

No WYSIWYG chaos, only nice and neat structured data that your users can comfortably edit – even if they aren't used to content management. Other usage examples could be: Restaurant menus, hotel packages, feature boxes and many more.

Use the icon font of your choice

Another great feature is that you can combine the custom elements with virtually any icon font. All you do is to install your font and the icon picker automatically creates an overview to choose the icon you want to use. That way you or your clients can assign beautiful icons to your content with a single click.

Your own templates

Enjoy unlimited flexibility while creating your content and control the resulting HTML code in every detail.

Nest your elements

Make even large, nested content structures easily maintainable and use them as content element or module.

Automatic overview

The RockSolid Icon Picker works with virtually any icon font and lets you choose the icon you want to use with a single click.