Themes to boost your productivity and profits

Realize Contao projects with higher returns and more fun. Fast and easy customizable themes based on cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3 technology with an agency-friendly licensing model.

Many agencies and freelancers already make thousands of dollars every day by fast and efficiently executing smaller and mid-sized client projects. You can do it to – we build our themes to enable a seamless and standardized workflow.

Tools and extensions built for a highly efficient workflow

Carry out basic and recurring customization in minutes, if you want even without touching a single line of code. Our themes and plugins are perfectly coordinated to suit the needs of agencies and common projects.

Present your Photoshop mock-ups completely risk-free before you buy a theme. Become a part of our partnership program.

Theme Assistant

Roll out common customizations in minutes without touching the code.

Custom Elements

Create easily maintainable content elements for editors and clients.

Themes allow you to work incredibly quickly. But you'll need high quality – that's where we come in.

Save time worth thousands of dollars by completing your next project more efficiently

Build on top of a high-quality technical platform, professional designs and plugins that suit like a glove. Without any ongoing costs! This way you can complete projects fast and economical without compromising the quality of your work or giving up control over the used technology – like you probably would by using a cloud solution.

You keep control over your project and use Contao as a modern, open-source, future-proof technical base. Contao offers a helpful and strong community, many out-of-the-box features plus professional themes – there currently aren't too many alternatives with such awesome benefits.

Whether you are an agency, graphic designer, PR consultant, SEO or marketing specialist... start offering all-in-one solutions

No matter if you are a web professional or if your main expertise lies in another area, using RockSolid Themes you can create professional websites with ease. Combine your know-how with sophisticated, well-structured websites to create a powerful all-in-one solutions for your clients.

Rigorous quality control and early user tests already during the development and design process ensure that RockSolid Themes are perfectly suited to create websites with high standards and professional demands.

Testimonials & Experiences with RockSolid Themes

RockSolid Themes give me a great framework to develop my websites. I save plenty of development time, thus allowing me to create modern, responsive websites for an affordable price for SMEs and individuals. Creating a win-win for everyone. Thanks so much for the previous cooperation and keep up the good work!

We use Contao for a couple of years and especially along with the templates made by RockSolid Themes. The themes are created with a feature set that leaves nothing to be desired. Keep up the good work, we are looking forward to the next themes. We wish the team all the best for their perfect work.

Wozak Mediendesign KG

The Swissy Theme looks great and the code quality is superior, it can easily be adapted to personal needs. Support requests were answered lighting fast and competently. All in all I find the themes offer outstanding value for money.


In my opinion currently the best themes available on the market. I gladly use them for projects, because they are easy to customize and work without complex frameworks. I only need to maintain one Sass file, to modify the layout to my needs or those of my clients.

Michael Pfeiffer IT-Consulting

The support team is super-fast, friendly and ready to help! Thanks a lot.


I'm absolutely amazed by the possibilities RockSolid Themes offer. You can customize them in a few minutes using the RockSolid Theme Assistant and their great Slider. Many handy modules and easy usage – even for beginners.

Kortmann Consulting

Top Themes.


The templates created by RockSolid Themes are awesome: Clean design, clear structure, extremely high flexibility and tight integration into Contao. That makes customization super simple without mental acrobatics and trickery. I can only recommend everyone to have a look at the free template "Open Sauce" an to install it.


RockSolid Themes are truly solid. The designs look appealing, the themes are feature-rich and the customization is easy. The fast and professional supports makes the collaboration very pleasing. We gladly use the themes and are looking forward to every new release of RockSolid Themes, whether it's a new theme or a new extension, which also work great. We are convinced and enthusiastic customers and hope for a long-lasting cooperation with RockSolid Themes.

Werbeagentur Thomas oHG

For us as an agency RockSolid Themes are a huge time saver. We are able to focus on what's important and deliver faster. We're looking forward to a long-lasting cooperation and want to use the chance to say: thank you!


Perfect technology, great design, performance excellent, very fair license... We've already bought the third theme (after Vision, 80/20 now Swissy) and are very happy with each version. Solely by looking at how much time we've saved the price only plays a minor role. Highly recommended!


Looking for beautifully designed templates for Contao I stumbled upon RockSolid Themes in 2012 and was instantly impressed. The themes look really good and offer geat code quality. Setting up the website was fast and the customization easy. And since Contao's new template system became even better, updating was straightforward (theme updates are included and plugin updates take one click). I've also bought "Tao" and will use it soon. I'm looking forward to seeing the website in a new light!

implec GmbH

Thank you for the great Theme Luxe! It can be easily adapted to the current layout ideas of many clients and the latest trends are already integrated.

Kirsten Roschanski

RockSolid Themes Team your smart, modern design, the style and the functionality that you add to your themes and extensions is perfect. Top quality! You've truly earned these 5 stars.


Awesome templates, built with excellence and comfortable to customize. We've bought all themes at least once and can only recommend them.


I use a RockSolid Themes for the second time now. And I'm delighted again. For me as a designer it makes sense to start my creative work on a rock-solid, modern and technically mature theme.


I'm very satisfied with the products and the continuously friendly customer support! I'll recommend RockSolid Themes at any time to clients and colleagues. Thank you & keep up the good work!

Radeleff Informationsgestaltung

The Vision theme from RockSolid is great! It has everything there that you need and you can easily go in and change things around. The Responsiveness is great and really reliable. I'll definitely be coming back :)

racheleasmith ltd

RockSolid Themes – a jewel in the agency landscape! Professional in every way: Modern themes (Swissy Contao, 80/20 WordPress) state of the art (HTML5, Responsive...), plus useful extensions and on top of it: Fast, friendly and foremost competent support! Truly a good choice.


Beautiful templates and a TOP service. Many thanks!

Agentur Gerstmayer

Easy handling and an outstanding customer support. Thanks!

acento Design GmbH

Product Tour: The Simple steps from theme to finished website

Quickly overview the simple steps, that lead you from a Contao theme to a finished website. Discover the many benefits of RockSolid Themes and get an idea of how easy your next project could be...

Choose the perfect theme for your project

Pick a theme that suits your project and be running in minutes. High-end technology and elegant designs ready to go. Develop beautiful and working websites for your clients faster and more convenient. We've covered some points to consider while picking a theme.

Request the free PSD and present completely risk-free

Use our offer to download every PSD in advance and present the visualization without any obligation. Register, log in and download the Photoshop mock-ups for free.

Download your theme through your personal customer account

After picking the right theme, you can securely checkout via PayPal, credit card, oder bank transfer and download your theme immediately. In addition you'll receive the download link and your invoice via email. All your themes, updates and invoices are available any time by logging into your personal account.

Easily install Contao and your theme

The easy-to-follow installation instruction helps you to install you theme in minutes. Load the included demo data with just one click and be up and running in no time at all. Instead of wallowing through a long and boring manual you can start filling in your content immediately. Save precious time for the things that really matter to you.

Documentation & support for non-techies

Thanks to the easily understandable documentation and practical extensions your site will be up and running in minutes – even if you aren't a dedicated web expert.

And if you have questions, you are in direct contact with the people, that handcrafted every single RockSolid theme following a state-of-the-art workflow. Our competent and friendly support team is happy to help.

Customize with the tools that fit your workflow

Use the tools to customize your theme you feel most comfortable with. RockSolid Themes adapt seamlessly to your workflow.

  • Use CSS3 as you are used to
  • Add changes via the internal editor
  • The Theme Assistant helps you to generate standard compliant styles without writing code
  • Time-saving and versatile with Sass/Compass

Fill your website with content and make it easily editable

The RockSolid plugins and extensions are tailored to fit the way you work and literally add superpowers to your Contao workflow.

The Custom Content Elements bring structure into content, that usually creates WYSIWIG chaos like team pages, features boxes, restaurant menus and other structured texts. By adding your own content elements you can make your site even easier to maintain. Combine headlines, text, images, checkboxes and many more data types to create custom-tailored content elements for you and your clients.

The RockSolid Slider breathes life into your website. You can combine dynamic moving, responsive slides from images, videos and text directly from the Contao backend.

The Frontend Helper takes the guesswork out of the editing process. Find and edit elements with a single click, reveal which templates take effect or see where contents come from by simply hovering over it.

Free updates right at your fingertips

You can download updated versions of your themes anytime you like by logging into your personal customer center. No waiting or searching for update emails anymore.

Get a 40% discount on follow-up licenses

Once RockSolid Themes, always RockSolid Themes. Many of our customers are so excited about the quality and how easy it is to work with our themes that they come back for more. For your trust and loyalty we thank you and offer a 40% discount for your next projects.