Solid is as solid does

We couldn't find themes for our clients, that met our quality standards for design, technology and performance. Now we create themes for everyone who isn't willing to compromise.

We create solid themes with a high technical standard and timeless design. The templates are a reliable foundation that allows experts as well as users to create professional websites – without the need to deal with the newest technical details and standards.

Identity-creating customizations and individualization can be applied directly to the style sheets – using the established methods and best tools for the job. There are no complex structures or proprietary frameworks in the background. The functions and specialties of the particular CMS are accurately considered. All handy helpers and extensions are optional, we develop them to make complex technology accessible to everyone. Experts can always use the tools of their liking – there is no clutter.

A RockSolid Themes is always as secure, fast and reliable as the CMS it's powered by. Semantically correct use of HTML elements, meaningful hierarchy and clean markup go without saying, just like the highest possible accessibility.

That's all.