Your independent website creation toolkit

Everything you need to create a great website – without the restraints of hosted solutions. Easy, flexible and professionally customizable. Based on open and modern technology.

Create your own website with ease and keep all your customization options open.

These tools allow you to create fast results in professional quality, without touching code

For the first time you have the power to create your website independent from proprietary website creation tool-kits. The exclusive for RockSolid themes designed extensions make customizing your site easier than ever before, without the need to edit code.

Theme Assistant

Adapt colors, backgrounds, fonts and add your logo with just a few clicks.

Frontend Helper

Edit every element of your page with a single click and stop the guesswork.

Independent, flexible and easy to customize – take control of your website

Try RockSolid Themes before you realize that the one important change isn't possible because the hosted solution doesn't allow it

Let's think ahead together: Using the Open Source CMS Contao and RockSolid Themes you get a independent, smart toolkit, that gives you everything you need to create websites fast, easy and professional. Without the dependencies of a hosted solution.

You keep full control over your website and your data and can commission changes to a professional at any time. We've even started a partner network to make finding an expert as easy as possible for you.

Become a part of a strong community and a diversified network

Around the open, constantly improving CMS Contao a diverse, helpful and well connected community emerged. Many designer, developer and agencies form a ecosystem that doesn't only provide you with hundreds of free extensions and tutorials, but do also offer professional Contao-related services for your projects.

Testimonials & Experiences with RockSolid Themes

Everyone who wants to create a beatiful, functional and appealing website gets an amazing foundation with a RockSolid Theme. We've already created several different websites using RockSolid Themes and are very satisfied. Their after-sale customer assistance is a particularly positive aspect. Whenever we had questions the support was fast, friendly and completely free.


We use Contao for a couple of years and especially along with the templates made by RockSolid Themes. The themes are created with a feature set that leaves nothing to be desired. Keep up the good work, we are looking forward to the next themes. We wish the team all the best for their perfect work.

Wozak Mediendesign KG

The Swissy Theme looks great and the code quality is superior, it can easily be adapted to personal needs. Support requests were answered lighting fast and competently. All in all I find the themes offer outstanding value for money.


The support team is super-fast, friendly and ready to help! Thanks a lot.


I'm absolutely amazed by the possibilities RockSolid Themes offer. You can customize them in a few minutes using the RockSolid Theme Assistant and their great Slider. Many handy modules and easy usage – even for beginners.

Kortmann Consulting

If I could rate RockSolid Themes and their support with 10 stars I'd do it. Awesome themes and plugins built for real customer needs. Keep up the good work!

BSC Sportfreunde

We use the Contao Themes by RockSolid Themes for various personal web projects and are fascinated over and over again, how they help us to create individual and professional looking websites.

Kochen für Kochmuffel, GG24

The templates created by RockSolid Themes are awesome: Clean design, clear structure, extremely high flexibility and tight integration into Contao. That makes customization super simple without mental acrobatics and trickery. I can only recommend everyone to have a look at the free template "Open Sauce" an to install it.


We use "Tao" for our site und are delighted by the clean, very professional design and the many customization possibilities. Using the RockSolid Theme Assistant we've been able to adapt the theme to our corporate design easily.

Beloch & Franzbach GmbH

Swissy and 80/20 are great. Both in terms of layout and flexibility as well as customizability e.g. using the Theme Assistant. In addition I've been looking for a responsive design and fast loading times, which I got to my full satisfaction. Altogether the themes are a huge time saver and I'm happy to recommend them.

Bodo Saar

RockSolid Themes Team your smart, modern design, the style and the functionality that you add to your themes and extensions is perfect. Top quality! You've truly earned these 5 stars.


Awesome templates, built with excellence and comfortable to customize. We've bought all themes at least once and can only recommend them.


Beautiful, economically priced, professional, fast and innovative. I was seldom so satisfied as with this product... and I'm usually a rather picky customer.


I've used Aurelium for our Contao installation. It is in daily use and has proven its worth, for desktop and mobile usage. My compliments for the outstanding work.

Below Personal

The theme is a joy, nice work, a worthy investment.

MV Stadtkapelle Laupheim

Thank you for these beautiful themes. The only thing that can get better at this point is: More of it! And what's even more important... the good support. Even for Contao beginners.


Beside the gorgeous and technically spotless themes the support is great. Although my request was rather related to Contao, the RockSold Team helped me out. Way to go!


An awesome theme by RockSolid Themes. I've never created a website that fast, with such a professional look. The ready-made elements make life easier and are real eyecatchers.


The Swissy theme is absolutely flawless, runs like a charm and looks great. The pages load fast and customizations to the design are done in no time at all. The documentation is intuitive and written in "customer language", hence easy to understand and efficient. Great work and thank you very much!


Finally beautiful, clean and easy to use themes and templates for Contao! I've installed Aurelium and am looking forward to filling it with my contents!

Product Tour: The Way to Your Website

Start creating your own website. Whether it's for a business or club, about a hobby or a niche or affiliate website. RockSolid Themes provide a flexible, easy to adapt basis developed by professional designers and industry experts. Overview the few simple steps, that it takes to get you going online...

Download your theme through your personal customer account

After picking the right theme, you can securely checkout via PayPal, credit card, oder bank transfer and download your theme immediately. In addition you'll receive the download link and your invoice via email. All your themes, updates and invoices are available any time by logging into your personal account.

Easily install Contao and your theme

The easy-to-follow installation instruction helps you to install you theme in minutes. Load the included demo data with just one click and be up and running in no time at all. Instead of wallowing through a long and boring manual you can start filling in your content immediately. Save precious time for the things that really matter to you.

Get going and enjoy professional support

We provide you with all necessary information in an easy-to-read documentation to start your website fast and simple.

On top of that you're in direct contact with the people, who created every single RockSolid Theme for you with a lot of know how, following a modern workflow. Our competent and friendly support team is here to help.

Adapt the design to your needs

Using the RockSolid Theme Assistant you can customize your theme within minutes to make it fit your needs – without writing a single line of code. The result is standard compliant CSS3, that you can edit further or have one of the experts of our agency network edit every detail for you.

Of course you can also just use tried and tested, plain CSS3 to customize your theme as you see fit. You can make the changes either directly, using your favorite editor, or add dem via the internal stylesheet editor of Contao.

Add content to your site fast and easily

Add and edit content easier than ever before. The custom-tailored extensions work perfectly with every theme and empower you to control your website with ease.

The Custom Custom Elements allow you to edit content elements, that consist of multiple elements fast, reliable and directly. Without touching code and you can uninstall it at anytime.

The RockSolid Slider adds dynamics to your web site and makes it possible to edit and add slides and contents directly from the contao backend. Install with one click and start creating responsive slideshows.

Using the Frontend Helper you edit contents right where you see them in the frontend. One click takes you to the right spot in the backend. Stop the guesswork and find elements easily.

Free updates right at your fingertips

You can download updated versions of your themes anytime you like by logging into your personal customer center. No waiting or searching for update emails anymore.

Get a 40% discount on follow-up licenses

Once RockSolid Themes, always RockSolid Themes. Many of our customers are so excited about the quality and how easy it is to work with our themes that they come back for more. For your trust and loyalty we thank you and offer a 40% discount for your next projects.