Work smarter, not harder with RockSolid Themes & Sass

Get our versatile starter kit with every theme and start using Sass for your projects in minutes. Transform your workflow into a fast, effective and well-oiled machine.

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RockSolid Themes and Sass are doping for your productivity

Every theme comes with a flexible starter kit for Sass and Compass for your projects, that you can customize faster and easier than ever before.

Learn to use Sass

Start using Sass now

Sass is easy to learn since it basically CSS with some magic added and it will enhance your productivity massively.

Code examples

Nest and organize your styles with ease

Un-clutter your CSS by nesting selectors logically to see the connections between styles and elements much quicker. You can also easily extend the styles of elements without adding multiple class names.

Variables, calculations, extends and much more

Make your styles easier reusable and save yourself hours and hours of time. RockSolid Themes organize colors, fonts and more in one central place so you can change them in one place.

It's CSS3 without the repetitions and heavy labor

Em, pixel and grid calculations, animations vendor prefixes and much more. Change the values with a single line of Sass without the hard work. The Result? Clean CSS3 just as you expect it!

RockSolid Mixins are a collection of Sass snippets, built to simplify CSS3 and responsive design for you

All themes come equipped with custom-developed mixins to make your work with Sass an RockSolid Themes even easier.

This includes central defined variables and settings so you can change colors, font sizes easily in just one spot. The em and grid functions make keeping consistent element dimensions and typographic rhythm a breeze.

Exclusive features of the RockSolid Mixins

Think and work in pixels, enjoy the benefits of em

Keep the calculator in the drawer while working with font sizes and spacings. Using the em-function you just define how much pixel you want and it takes care of everything else.

Customize the default 1000px grid however you like

All themes are based on the tried and tested 1000px responsive grid. But you can use the included grid function to change the column count and width to whatever you like.

Change dimensions, font sizes, colors and more in one single spot

Color and many other settings are defined in a central spot so you can edit them quick and easy. Changing one color means changing one line – say goodbye to find and replace.

Testimonials & Experiences of customers using RockSolid Themes and Sass

In my opinion currently the best themes available on the market. I gladly use them for projects, because they are easy to customize and work without complex frameworks. I only need to maintain one Sass file, to modify the layout to my needs or those of my clients.

Michael Pfeiffer IT-Consulting

The templates created by RockSolid Themes are awesome: Clean design, clear structure, extremely high flexibility and tight integration into Contao. That makes customization super simple without mental acrobatics and trickery. I can only recommend everyone to have a look at the free template "Open Sauce" an to install it.


Solidly created, flexible templates with a straightforward design. Well customizable. Overall a full recommendation, since working great, easy to configure, perfectly supported and one of the best themes, that I’ve used so far.

Kolberg Cafe

The RockSolid Support assisted me with fast, comprehensive answers to set up Sass/SCSS on my computer. The Contao template 80/20 is the perfect start for my work with Sass/SCSS. Everything is well-documented and professionally executed. Thank you very much!


The Vision theme from RockSolid is great! It has everything there that you need and you can easily go in and change things around. The Responsiveness is great and really reliable. I'll definitely be coming back :)

racheleasmith ltd

RockSolid Themes are highly recommended. The template is very professionally executed. The connection between Sass/Compass is great and makes writing CSS a sheer joy. Especially the 80/20 theme offers so much possibilities to build different designs with it and you don't start from scratch every time. Great work!