Create websites faster and more profitable

Clean Contao themes with optional custom-tailored extensions instead of bloat and overhead. Developed to fit the needs of web experts and still easy to use.

Did your work with themes mainly consist of cleaning them up until now? RockSolid Themes are reduced to the max and free from hard to remove color sets and other overhead – just get started.

Tools that empower you to fulfill your goals and customer requests more efficiently

Make your work a pure joy with the latest tools. Use Sass and Compass, the bag of tricks for developers, to achieve results faster. In addition you can work with our open source plugins that fit your theme like a glove.

Whether you need a slider, team page or small product catalog – RockSolid themes and plugins are flexible and make your work with Contao a lot easier. Use only what you really need.

Sass & Compass

Less input, more output. Work more efficiently with Sass and Compass.

Custom Elements

Create easy to maintain custom content elements for your editors.

RockSolid Themes are a frontend dev's best friend – without bloat, but solid technology and clean designs.

Higher margins without compromising quality – you can build on RockSolid Themes

We don't start any project, without using one of our themes as a launch pad. For the price of a designer jean you get a complete starter kit to create professional web projects. We apply quality standard that smaller projects just couldn't meet under normal conditions.

From the responsive design, the optimization for retina screens to the ready-to-go styling of many different content elements, everything you need to realize your projects quickly and in high quality is included.

Become a frontend superhero and work smarter, faster and offer better conditions than your competitors.

Offer your clients a wider spectrum of possibilities, more choice and smarter solutions at better conditions that your competitors. In short: Become a frontend superhero.

Let us handle troublesome and time-consuming tasks like cross browser tests, technical fine tuning for speed and a immense number of different devices. We even do basic usability tests to make sure every theme works as expected for you and your users.

Become a part of our agency program and present your client with a Photoshop design proposal completely without risk prior to buying a theme.

Testimonials & Experiences with RockSolid Themes

In my opinion currently the best themes available on the market. I gladly use them for projects, because they are easy to customize and work without complex frameworks. I only need to maintain one Sass file, to modify the layout to my needs or those of my clients.

Michael Pfeiffer IT-Consulting

The support team is super-fast, friendly and ready to help! Thanks a lot.


Solidly created, flexible templates with a straightforward design. Well customizable. Overall a full recommendation, since working great, easy to configure, perfectly supported and one of the best themes, that I’ve used so far.

Kolberg Cafe

Thank you for the great Theme Luxe! It can be easily adapted to the current layout ideas of many clients and the latest trends are already integrated.

Kirsten Roschanski

The RockSolid Support assisted me with fast, comprehensive answers to set up Sass/SCSS on my computer. The Contao template 80/20 is the perfect start for my work with Sass/SCSS. Everything is well-documented and professionally executed. Thank you very much!


The Vision theme from RockSolid is great! It has everything there that you need and you can easily go in and change things around. The Responsiveness is great and really reliable. I'll definitely be coming back :)

racheleasmith ltd

RockSolid Themes are highly recommended. The template is very professionally executed. The connection between Sass/Compass is great and makes writing CSS a sheer joy. Especially the 80/20 theme offers so much possibilities to build different designs with it and you don't start from scratch every time. Great work!


Product tour: Easy steps from theme to done

If you use a premium theme you don't want to waste time removing clutter and overhead, you want to get going with your project. And you want to offer the highest possible technical quality, but still stay profitable. That's exactly what RockSolid Contao Themes are made for. Themes created by professionals for professionals and their clients. This is how it works...

We start counting from zero, just as you

Finally Contao themes built around the demands of professional web designers. Fast, lean and without bloat. All components are flexible and made to be easily adaptable. The custom-tailored extensions and the use of Sass or our Theme Assistant are completely optional.

Short and sweet: While developing a RockSolid Theme we think of you and your workflow with every step and every decision we make. See how we work.

Request the free PSD and present completely risk-free

Use our offer to download every PSD in advance and present the visualization without any obligation. Register, log in and download the Photoshop mock-ups for free.

Download your theme through your personal customer account

After picking the right theme, you can securely checkout via PayPal, credit card, oder bank transfer and download your theme immediately. In addition you'll receive the download link and your invoice via email. All your themes, updates and invoices are available any time by logging into your personal account.

Easily install Contao and your theme

The easy-to-follow installation instruction helps you to install you theme in minutes. Load the included demo data with just one click and be up and running in no time at all. Instead of wallowing through a long and boring manual you can start filling in your content immediately. Save precious time for the things that really matter to you.

Fast-reading documentation & qualified support

Our compact documentation and free tutorials and workshops help you to get started with your project immediately and efficiently.

If problems occur you're in direct touch with creators and our qualified support team. Friendly, fast help and communication with people that speak your language.

Customize with the tools of your choice

Use the best tools for your job. RockSolid Themes integrate perfectly into the workflow of professional web designers.

  • Particularly effective with Sass/Compass
  • With tried and tested CSS3 you are used to
  • For recurring smaller projects, without touching code using the Theme Assistant

The custom-tailored extensions facilitate common customizations and difficult works steps, like making structured data easily maintainable for clients (team pages, restaurant menus, small catalogs...) or show them where to find particular elements in the backend.

Fill your website with content and make it easily editable

The RockSolid plugins and extensions are tailored to fit the way you work and literally add superpowers to your Contao workflow.

The Custom Content Elements bring structure into content, that usually creates WYSIWIG chaos like team pages, features boxes, restaurant menus and other structured texts. By adding your own content elements you can make your site even easier to maintain. Combine headlines, text, images, checkboxes and many more data types to create custom-tailored content elements for you and your clients.

The RockSolid Slider breathes life into your website. You can combine dynamic moving, responsive slides from images, videos and text directly from the Contao backend.

The Frontend Helper takes the guesswork out of the editing process. Find and edit elements with a single click, reveal which templates take effect or see where contents come from by simply hovering over it.

Free updates right at your fingertips

You can download updated versions of your themes anytime you like by logging into your personal customer center. No waiting or searching for update emails anymore.

Get a 40% discount on follow-up licenses

Once RockSolid Themes, always RockSolid Themes. Many of our customers are so excited about the quality and how easy it is to work with our themes that they come back for more. For your trust and loyalty we thank you and offer a 40% discount for your next projects.