RockSolid Themes support policy

Thanks for choosing RockSolid Themes! We try hard to answer all support tickets within a timely fashion, however, before you get started there are a few things to remember.

Support channels

We provide product related support only via our ticket system, forum and tutorials. Requests made by email, tweet or any other method may be redirected back to the mentioned channels.

Before answering your question we might request your transaction details (transaction id, used Email). So please keep your payment information in safe custody.

Before asking questions

Before asking questions, please be sure that you have read the documentation. The documentation covers the installation and answers the most common questions.

Response times

We try to answer support tickets created via one of intended channels on the same day or during the following working day. Our working hours are based on the Central European Time (CET) so please be aware of possible time differences.

Extent of our support

Our support covers only questions that are directly related to RockSolid Themes. We do not offer support for installation, customization or administration of the used system (WordPress, Contao) itself, nor do we provide support for any 3rd party plugins or rectification of issues occurring from using said 3rd party plugins. Support deals with installation of the theme, issues arising from using any of the packaged theme features and of course bug fixes. Please also note that we do not provide customization services.

For general questions regarding your CMS the associated official forum is the best source for help and assistance. If you need help with the customization of your theme you should enlist the help of a developer.

Bug fixing

We try to fix all bugs as soon as possible after they occur and are brought to our attention. Often we are able to fix bugs on the day of occurrence or the next working day, at the latest it usually takes two working days. After solving the issue we provide you with the solution to fix the error and update the download package, so you can download the new version.

Note: We reserve the right to adapt this support policy if nessessary.