Conveniently control multi-column content

Easily divide your articles and modules into responsive columns

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  • Available for: Contao 4.9 - 5.3
  • Dependencies: None, works with every theme
  • Uneven distribution possible: Yes
  • Responsive columns: Directly definable

Open Source

RockSolid Columns auf Github

Open Source, released under the MIT License.

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Control multi-column content directly from the Contao backend

The simple and effective RockSolid Columns Plugin allows you to divide your articles and modules into multiple columns. And the responsive behavior of the content can be directly defined for every single element.

Similar to the Contao core accordion element you can either wrap single or multiple elements. And controlling the proportions of uneven columns is as simple as creating even groups.

Use your own styles

If you want you can safely use your own CSS to control the look and function of the columns. Everything without using YAML or inline styles.

Uneven proportions

You are in total control of the proportions and column widths. This way you can define uneven gridsets easily and aren't bount to even distribution.

Not only for text

You can split virtually any type of content into multiple columns. And by using the column wrapper element you can add any number of elements to a column.