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You can install RockSolid Responsive Contao Themes in just 5 minutes and easily customize them using our custom-tailored extensions. Our Themes offer 100% core compatibility, are easy to use and made by industry experts.

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A wide range of customization options for beginners and professionals. Make your theme your own without a line of code using the Theme Assistant, 100% flexible with Sass und Compass or with tried and tested, well structured CSS3.

The first choice of many satisfied customers and Contao experts

Awesome templates, built with excellence and comfortable to customize. We've bought all themes at least once and can only recommend them.


If I could rate RockSolid Themes and their support with 10 stars I'd do it. Awesome themes and plugins built for real customer needs. Keep up the good work!

BSC Sportfreunde

Thank you for the great Theme Luxe! It can be easily adapted to the current layout ideas of many clients and the latest trends are already integrated.

Kirsten Roschanski

In my opinion currently the best themes available on the market. I gladly use them for projects, because they are easy to customize and work without complex frameworks. I only need to maintain one Sass file, to modify the layout to my needs or those of my clients.

Michael Pfeiffer IT-Consulting

RockSolid Themes make it possible for us to ship small projects fast and inexpensive. But: It goes without saying that the themes are also helpful and valuable for larger projects.

KONTOR4 Agentur für neue Medien

We use Contao for a couple of years and especially along with the templates made by RockSolid Themes. The themes are created with a feature set that leaves nothing to be desired. Keep up the good work, we are looking forward to the next themes. We wish the team all the best for their perfect work.

Wozak Mediendesign KG

I'm absolutely amazed by the possibilities RockSolid Themes offer. You can customize them in a few minutes using the RockSolid Theme Assistant and their great Slider. Many handy modules and easy usage – even for beginners.

Kortmann Consulting

The templates created by RockSolid Themes are awesome: Clean design, clear structure, extremely high flexibility and tight integration into Contao. That makes customization super simple without mental acrobatics and trickery. I can only recommend everyone to have a look at the free template "Open Sauce" an to install it.


RockSolid Themes Team your smart, modern design, the style and the functionality that you add to your themes and extensions is perfect. Top quality! You've truly earned these 5 stars.


I'm very satisfied with the products and the continuously friendly customer support! I'll recommend RockSolid Themes at any time to clients and colleagues. Thank you & keep up the good work!

Radeleff Informationsgestaltung

Excellent quality! Support fast and solution-focused... at an unbeatable price. If that's not worth a recommendation, I don't know what is...


Recommended by Contao expert Peter Müller

Websites erstellen mit Contao 3

Reviewed and recommended by Peter Müller. Citation:
"The source code is pure joy, and really everything you need is included“.

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94% of our customers recommend RockSolid Themes.

* This rating is based on the feedback of 168 customers. Last update: 01/01/2015

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Unique Features and Benefits

What doesn't fit, is made to fit – using the tools of your choice to get it done

Make your theme match your or your clients corporate design with just a few clicks using the Theme Assistant.

Or control every detail of your theme faster than ever before with the professional tools Sass and Compass. You also work with the well-structured plain CSS3 if it suits your accustomed workflow better.

Theme Assistant

Change logo, colors and more without a line of code. More...

Sass & Compass

Expert tools to change every detail easy and blazing fast. More...


The tried and tested tool to customize without detours.

No matter which tool you use, everything results in clean standard compliant styles. You work the way you want, the results are bulletproof.

Unlimited colors

Seamlessly adapts to your corporate design

High-end designs

Designed by talented web design professionals

SEO power

The technical platform for higher Google rankings

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NEW Intelligently coordinated themes and plugins make building your site so much easier

The seamlessly integrated free extensions add a whole new dynamic to your workflow and will completely transform your Contao experience. But if you want to replace or uninstall a plugin you can do so with a single click, without losing any of your valuable data. Additionally you can utilize just about every plugin from the Contao extension repository with your theme (more on compatibility).

Handcrafted and rigorously quality tested to ensure the quality you've come to expect

Easy-to-read HTML5 loved by search engines, styled pixel-by-pixel with handcrafted, well-structured CSS3 that you can easily edit without time-consuming image editing like Photoshop.

Finally functional, handy Contao themes that will meet the demands of your projects regarding quality, performance and flexibility.

  • Cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3 technology to fit your expectations for high performance and flexibility
  • Perfect technical foundation for search engine optimization
  • Elegantly handcrafted designs and user-friendly structure